2016 Contest Information, Rules, and Entry Form

The Monroe County Courthouse Lawn, by Cheryl Munson and one of her students, 2012

General information

The Fifth Annual Old-House Expo & Architectural Cake Contest will take place on Saturday, May 14. Bakers who have submitted entries to the contest by the deadline (see below) will deliver their cakes between 7:30 and 8:30 a.m. The cakes will be on display all morning, and visitors are invited to vote for their favorite in the People’s Choice category.

Cake judging, followed by samples: time to be advised

For contestants

We welcome entries from professional, student, and non-professional bakers.

Entry forms must be received by noon on May 7, 2016. Please scroll down for the entry form, which you can highlight, copy, and print out. If you prefer to submit your entry via email, please copy and paste the form into an email message and complete, then send with a .jpg.


Cakes must be 100% edible. You may use bakers’ gum paste for structural elements, since it is edible. Cookie-type creations such as gingerbread and bar-type confections such as brownies are also welcome.

In light of our state’s bicentennial, cakes should represent a building in Indiana that is at least 50 years old. The building can be anywhere in Indiana, but it has to be a real building. A photo of the structure, along with identifying information and a description of the history and historical significance must be included with your entry. Please see “example” on the entry form below.

Buildings that once stood on a particular spot but have since been demolished or significantly altered (this includes “remuddling”) in ways that have altered their earlier appearance are also invited, provided that these entries are accompanied by accurate photographic or drawn representations of their earlier, as well as their current, appearance. For example, a cake could represent the original Indiana Seminary (now Indiana University) that stood in the approximate location of today’s Seminary Square Kroger store. In this case, the baker would need to provide pictures of the original structure and the current location, along with a description of the original according to the example in the entry form below.

For further information, or if you have any questions, please contact Bethany Emenhiser at 812-349-3507 (emenhisb@bloomington.in.gov) or Nancy Hiller at 812-825-5872 (nrhiller@nrhillerdesign.com).

Cakes should be delivered to the atrium at City Hall between 7 and 7:30 a.m. on Saturday, May 14, 2016. Contestants will need to be present for the judging, (time to be advised) and will need to cut and serve their own cake. Please plan to be present from the start of judging until the end of the event .

Please print out and send in the following entry form.


Architectural Cake Contest Entry 2016

Name ___________________________

Judging category in which you are entering your cake

Age 12 and under ____

Age 13-20, non-professional baker ____

Age 13-20 culinary student baker ____

Adult (age 21 and over) non-professional baker ____

Adult (age 21 and over) professional or culinary student baker ____

Address _______________________________________________________________________________________________

Phone _____________________ Email ________________________

Name of your cake (e.g., “Flying Fish” for a cake representing the Courthouse) ____________________________________________

Type of cake and ingredients (e.g., “chocolate brownie with vanilla buttercream frosting”) ____________________________________

Name of the historic property, if known ____________________________________

Style and date of historic property’s construction _______________________________________

Example: “Flying Fish.” A representation of the dome of the Monroe County Courthouse, Bloomington, Indiana, built in 1907/08.

Rules: Judging will be based on overall appearance, taste and texture, and faithfulness of representation. All ingredients in the cakes and their decoration must be nontoxic and edible. A photo of the historic property, along with identifying information, must be submitted with the cake in order to be part of the contest.

Send entry forms via email to Bethany Emenhiser at emenhisb@bloomington.in.gov or by US Postal Service to Bethany Emenheiser, Program Manager Historic Preservation, Housing and Neighborhood Development, P.O. Box 100, Bloomington, IN 47402.


2 thoughts on “2016 Contest Information, Rules, and Entry Form

  1. Alice Oestreich (Monroe Co Girl Scouts)

    Is there an age breakdown for “student”? Would a Junior Girl Scout troop of 10 year olds be allowed to participate? Would they be judged against culinary students at Ivy Tech? [I am a Girl Scout volunteer, but I don’t have a troop— I’m just considering how to help my friend Crystal promote Girl Scout participation in this event.]


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