Let Them Eat Cake

On second thoughts,

Let Them Us Eat Cake

The Old-House Expo & Architectural Cake Contest is an annual event intended to increase interest and participation in historic preservation, as well as appreciation of old stuff in general–houses, bridges, gravestones, park benches, courthouses, narrow winding roads, cowpaths, dry stone walls, you name it.

The Expo changes from year to year. In 2012 and 2013 it featured exhibits by tradespersons, designers, and other professionals who specialize in, or at least are genuinely knowledgeable about, working with historic structures. It’s a great place for owners and renters of old houses to find qualified help. (Not just anyone gets to exhibit. Would-be exhibitors have to supply references, tell us whether they’re insured, and jump through various other hoops.) We also have representatives from related organizations, such as Bloomington Restorations, Inc. and the Monroe County History Center, on hand.

The Architectural Cake Contest is open to professional and non-professional bakers brave enough to create 3-D, 100% edible facsimiles of historic structures or objects, be they bungalows or bridges, chateaux or sugar shacks, headstones or hip-roofed cottages. The point is to have some delicious fun in celebration of our built heritage. See the other pages and posts here for information about entry rules for the current year’s contest.

Fluck Mill house

“House on Fluck Mill Road” depicts the home of the late Sophia Travis and her husband, Greg Travis, in Monroe County. The cake was made by a group of several people, among them Julie Thomas. It featured a cut-out space with seating and Sophia’s harpsichord made from icing. The wallpaper in the background was edible, as was the staircase that is visible here behind the open front door.


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